How to Increase Your TWITTER Followers

Twitter has become a status sibling from a social website. If you want to increase your followers and your status, then keep these small things in mind.

  • Make your profile a bit informative

Your Twitter account must correctly portray who you are and what you do.If you have your name as account name, then also mention your city and a little description about yourself. This increases your connectivity with people. Your description should be authentic.

  • Use it as a mode of communication

Read others tweets, question them or show some response. If you are related to a company, then try to know reviews of people about your company. This may get you your next client. Basically, it has become a mode of communication. So, try to take advantage of it.And you can even advertise about your website. For example, I work for, so I could popularize it here.

  • Actively participate in discussions

In the first few days, focus on discussions and participate as much as you can. Actively participating in good discussions not only initiates your interest in a respective field, but you also learn many things. It also increases your network.

  • Answer people’s questions

Nowadays, social media has become the foremost source for getting any information. If you become a source of information for someone, people would definitely follow you. Share latest news and tips to stay in contact.

  • Always say Thanks

When people tweet you, always reply politely if it is not a scam. If people share your tweet then always say thanks. This will gradually increase your followers.

  • Follow people

Start following people. Some people may follow you, some may not. But to be a part of Twitter community you have to follow people. People you follow may follow you back and this would eventually increase your followers.

  • Keep in touch

Make your presence be felt frequently on Twitter. Inactivity for a long time may deviate you from the mainstream.

  • Try to learn

Follow top Twitter users and try to observe their way of tweeting. Try to learn something from their tweeting pattern and use them in your own tweets. Using their technique, you could increase your followers. You’ll learn something new with every new tweet.

  • Use Hashtags

Use hashtags in your tweets and try to use trending words. This will make your tweet read by more people. Retweet people’s tweets, this will make them follow you. You could use hashtags to make things known to more people. For example, use hashtags for popularizing Flipkart deals and Flipkart offers.

  • No spamming

When you are trying to communicate on Twitter then try to write what you think. Don’t spam tweets. Don’t try to sell something through Twitter. This would depreciate your image on Twitter.

  • Choose interactive topics

Using Twitter, initiate such topics, whichwould draw attention of more people and more chances of people following you.

  • Prefer topics which you have an interest in

You should tweet on topics in which you have interest because you’ve better knowledge in that field. This will show your proficiency in this field and more people will connect with you. Retweet and try to encourage people to retweet your tweet.

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