How to apply lean project management to increased productivity

Lean project management is a project management methodology that was initially developed within the automotive industry to reduce wastage of resources in the manufacturing process. Seeing the efficacy and increase in productivity that it embarks to any projects that it is assigned on, lean project management is now a popular project management methodology that is being used by effective project managers around the globe.

The meaning of lean is basically to maximize the value that is going to be delivered to the customers. In the lean project management methodology, this is done by reducing the waste an added value to the final delivery of the project. For an effective lean project manager not only eliminating waste is essential but also task management should be done effectively that aids in achieving the overall goal. Task management can easily be done through a free task management software on the internet.

Here are the items that should be dealt with care in a lean project management strategy:


Meetings are to be taken care of while organizing them in a lean project management strategy. According to a senior executive of a project that I met sometime back, there can be numerous project meetings within a project cycle and every time something new is raised. This creation of new issues drags the project manager into carrying more meetings that consume valuable time that could have been used otherwise.

To make meetings a success and not to repeat them a project manager needs to become fierce. Politely dealing issues won’t help especially when newer ones are surfacing quicker than the old ones vanishing.


There are usually two kinds of documentation behaviors when it comes to project management. Exhaustive documentation and no documentation at all. Exhaustive documentation is costly and is followed in situations where the project requires to create a history and there are multiple resource changes predicted, therefore in order to keep every new resource at the same pace, exhaustive documentation methodology is used.

No documentation is part of the lean project management strategy and is used to create agile projects. Sprints are created to deal with small phases of the project and quicker deliveries are made without spending significant efforts of the project documentation. An agile project manager needs to be proactive in this case and keep the team informed of any changes that might occur along with the project scope that is to be followed to create desired results.

Task management

One method to manage task is the traditional method that uses journals and registers or excels sheets. All of the mentioned methods are long and require a significant amount of time to be completed. The easy resolution of this issue is to use a free task management software to schedule, assign and track the tasks that are delegated to the resources working on the project. Such software is free to download and are online that requires none to very less hardware installation.

In the lean project management strategy, a project manager needs to be proactive and should be able to identify the most viable option that lies there for the beneficial completion of the project. Alternatively, there are online communities of veteran project managers that can help novice project manager in creating viable results by applying proven lean methodologies that have created desired results.

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