Benefits of Android Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are integral part of assessing the skills of an employee. Most of the employers believe that online aptitude tests are more accurate ones for this purpose. Online aptitude tests are conducted sometimes before the personal interview and sometimes after the personal interview. Some companies conduct psychometric test separately after the online aptitude test and some conduct them as a part of aptitude test to hire the right candidate.


Online aptitude tests like android aptitude tests are a better way to choose the right candidate for the position. Aptitude tests vary from position to position like clerical staff, customer support staff, managerial staff, administrative assistants, etc. Online aptitude tests are more accurate when compared to the traditional aptitude tests. The online aptitude tests give more reliable results to assess for a right person as machines never make mistakes. These aptitude tests may take place by connected computer or android which is convenient for both employer and the applicant.


Online aptitude tests are a convenient method to choose the right person for a given job. These tests can be conducted at an ease without hassle of hiring examiners for this task especially. The employee can take the test at the comfort of the home with the help of android or computer and the employer can conduct the test at his convenience at his comfortable time without losing his daily routine or important meetings. These are helpful to assess the abilities of the applicant in reasoning, problem solving and his coherence for performing the task at a given time.


Online aptitude tests before hiring is became the latest corporate culture. One of the reasons for this is this is the cost-effective method for hiring the right candidate. All the company needs to conduct this test is just a software, internet connection and proper working computers. This reduces the investment on recruitment process, for buying stationery, hiring invigilators etc.


Online aptitude tests are reliable method of assessing the candidates. This method is useful to hire the right one as machines cannot be corrupted for personal interests. Built- in software help to conduct the tests in  more reliable manner as the questionnaire will be more accurate and is free of human errors like any discrepancies. Hence this is a more reliable method in comparison with the personal interviews and traditional pen and paper method of examinations.

Types of aptitude tests

Numerical ability

Numerical ability is sometimes conducted as a part of aptitude test and sometimes conducted separately. This part is helpful to assess quantitative skills of the candidate. These tests may consist of basic calculations to harder level of mathematics with regard to the position.

Skills test

Skills test with regard to the position like computer skills, managerial skills are parts of online aptitude tests.

Personality tests

Personality test is a part of aptitude tests. These tests may sometimes include psychometric analysis. Sometimes these tests are conducted as a part of personal interview. Psychometric analysis is conducted as a part of personality test to assess the work nature and problem solving ability of the candidate.

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