Best Digital Marketing Strategies to help SME’s in the year 2018

We are heading towards 2018, and one Industry – Digital Marketing has always been a centre of attraction for many entrepreneurs till the date. It is a dynamic industry which has to adopt new innovative technologies and bring a paradigm shift in consumer’s demand. From E-commerce business to electoral campaigns uses this digital platform to approach the people because one-third of the world’s population is found to be on the internet.

There are number of marketing trends waiting to impose their significant impact in the coming year, let me give you some insights about the Digital Marketing Strategies to make your brand more successful throughout the year.

Personalized Email Marketing

It’s necessary to discover new ways to communicate more closely and effectively with customers.

In 2018, email marketing will be more about engaging customers and not just acquisition. It is not enough to just send out the emails but you will have to reach the inbox of the targeted audience giving a personalized approach to your campaign. We will also see rise in the dynamic content marketing – focusing on customized content of the email through analyzing the recipient’s preferences, habits and purchase history

Social media marketing

Social media is no longer means of entertainment; it has become a prime channel in offering 360 degree content for brand promotion. It allows the buyers and sellers to connect virtually with each other. Till now it is observed that 65% of the B2B businesses rely on the social media channels like LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram to market their brand.  In 2018, I anticipate that social media channels like Pinterest will become more efficient at keyword and visual search. LinkedIn is planning to roll out video ads. Currently, there’s no feature like video posting, but this update would make it possible to run high-quality ads on LinkedIn.

Video content will dominate

Videos, in fact are the core marketing techniques which not only provides the content to the user – but also demands engagement. It is believed that 37% of viewers typically watch the video till the end and 92% people share with the others

Forrester research predicts that one minute long video is worth a 1.8 million words.

Video content marketing is the most effective tool to generate traffic, gain leads and boost conversions.  Features like live video streaming is gaining a momentum and will continue to become more interactive in 2018.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the same as adding, updating and modifying your website to attract more customers. Though CRO is the common technique being used since ages, but it is evolving constantly. It’s important that you keep yourself updated with newer and more interactive CRO tactics.

Give a unique touch to your website to beat the competitors and convert more target customers.

According to an Accenture study:

  • 65% of consumers buy from the retailers who know their purchase history
  • 58% of customers make a purchase from the recommendations they receive based on their past purchase or preferences
  • 65% buy from the retailers who get the personalized promotions relevant to them.

Search Engine optimization

In 2018, According to Google a successful SEO strategy will be user-centric. Keeping this in mind, the site should be more responsive and user-friendly for their visitors. To achieve this monitor a site’s speed, navigation feature and its readability to improve by making necessary changes. Mobile-first Index, another potential way to improve optimization level. 57% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Brands needs to realize putting mobile first in 2018.Mobile optimization and rise in voice search will prove an excellent way to create a SEO strategy in 2018.


This article demonstrated that today’s small businesses can utilize Digital Marketing to enhance their market opportunities. In fact, a reliable Digital Marketing Agency can help promote your brand on various digital platforms to get online exposure and increase traffic in short period of time.

Hopefully, gaining this knowledge will help you to not only focus on polishing your current strategies but also proof read the emerging trends that might potentially reshape the way you promote the brand online.

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