7 Radical Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018

Web design being a digital medium has been through radical transformation and now that we’re in 2018, innovation is expected to drive even further. With this, web designers are always challenged to create websites that are downright clear, consistent, user-friendly, aesthetically appealing and adaptable. Let’s explore web design trends to rule 2018 and beyond!

  1. Drop shadows & depth

For long, shadows have been a staple in web design industry owing to advancements in web browsers and exciting variations. The coming of grids and parallax layouts further involved the designers with shadow features as they ponder into the depth and illustrate a world beyond the typical screen. This is considered a direct response to the flat design which remained popular during yesteryears. That being said, shadows add versatility, enhances aesthetics of a web page and significantly improves user experience (UX).

  1. Deep, vibrant & saturated colour blends

The coming of ultra-HD resolution such as 4K and now 8K fuelled the need for bright, better and more vibrant colour schemes. Web designers now take a bold approach and breaking through the norm of web-safe colours through super-saturation and combination of vibrant shades! Headers aren’t anymore horizontal but reimagined with sharp, bold angles and slits.

  1. Particle background

Websites frequently facing the issues of a video background are now open to an excellent solution, none other than ‘particle background’. The animations are soft and light-weighted JavaScript that adjusts the movement as natural part of the background, free of glitch and hang-ups.

No doubt, an image’s worth a thousand words where a moving one’s more than that hence particle background grips user/viewer attention letting brands create a powerful impression in just mere seconds. Motion graphics such as these are now a common part of social media and catchy landing pages.

  1. Mobile first

Mobile internet and browsing now overrule desktop as almost everyone now use their smart devices on the go to shop, work and perform different tasks. Mobile design has now matured significantly in terms of crisp, clear and near perfect UX with micro-interactions. A sub-menu and even further categories appear sharp and precise as the technology scales up even further.

  1. Custom illustrations

Illustrations, in a website add versatility, friendliness and an element of appeal that can be tailored per the brand’s need and tone. The trend so far has been super successful among corporations while help brands to take a personalised approach toward diverse customers and make a lasting impression.

  1. Play big & bold with typography

Typography has long remained a powerful visual element and it still is! This particular web design element has the ability to spark emotion, adds personality and adjusts website’s tone per the details being conveyed and purpose it serve. Now that the latest devices come with sharper screen resolution, the use of custom fonts also increases. For the webpages, headers are considered primary SEO element to convey just the information readers/users are looking.


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