Brands That Rock Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni channel marketing has become a dire need for those brick and mortar stores or companies who have been dealing with the single channel marketing technique for too long. Behemoths such as Amazon are slowly eating up the stores that were once the rulers of the business world, and this has led to other companies scrambling to keep up with digitization in order to stay in the game.

With the wave of technology that has taken all of us, everyone owns many internet driven devices and the consumer experience faced online has become a hundred times more essential than offline. The best omni channel companies are the ones who pay attention to the smallest details and make customers feel at home through every interface of interaction.

Brands that have done omni-channel marketing right-


  • Their magic bands take the ball away. A key to the park, these customized, adjustable bands can integrate your Fast Pass, open your hotel door, store your pictures, and even allow entry to special areas! They are truly keeping up with the ages with their mobile app, which gives complete information about the time taken to wait for a particular attraction. It also helps find your location on the map, and also helps you plan a perfect day with the My Disney Experience tool, and makes sure that your Disney experience is ideal. Their website runs on all devices smoothly which is another reason to add to their list.


  • Studio Pepperfry was introduced by the leading online furniture store in India, and it is an excellent example of omni channel retail companies in the country. They cater to the furniture needs of uncompromising millennials that want the best furniture to grace their homes. The studio has interior design specialists who are familiar with the Pepperfry catalogue and provide all the necessary information to customers based on their individual preferences, tastes, the look of their houses, and their budgets. They shed light on other services such as customization and advisory related design and help in choosing the right piece of furniture. Once the selection is made, the customers can place and order online. This constitutes to 10-15% of the company’s sale, and they are planning an expansion with this idea.

Ralph Lauren

  • The brand launched a QR code campaign to promote the new Men’s and Women’s range in Harrods, and it took up 36 windows at Harrods. The idea took the place by a storm because whenever a customer tapped on the NFC sticker or scanned a QR code, they were directed to an interactive page that displayed the map of the shop and gave complete details of all the products on display. This QR code had many benefits. It enabled customers to shop even when Harrods was shut, as it released access to the online store from the campaign map.

If done right, omni channel marketing can lead a company to great heights with its intricate integration with technology and valuable consumer experience. It is the responsibility of evolving businesses to understand their customer base and make their experience worthwhile.

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