Remotely Activate Cell Phone Microphone With TOS Mic bug App

Nobody wants to quit with the cell phone these days.  It has become over the years the fundamental part of our lives. So, everyone wants to keep the phones with them all the time. You may forget to eat dinner with your friends but don’t want to forget your smartphone gadget at any cost.

You may have seen the frustration on the people’s faces when they lose, forget and phone with no battery. This kind of addiction the people of the world have regarding the smartphones.

They use plenty activities on the phones such as text messages, shared media files, do chat conversations and plenty of others. All the activities happen on the phone can be tracked these days and people are monitoring the phones no time ever before. The question has arises that is it possible to listen and record the surrounds sounds and conversation in and around the target phone? Yes, it is possible, but user needs to remotely activate cell phone microphone with TOS MIC bug app.

Remotely activate the MIC of the phone: But for what?

Best for parenting

The rise in the rise of the cell phone usage has captured the mind of the people worldwide. Even the young kids and teens are obsessed with the use of smartphones. They do plenty of activities on the phone by using the cell phones social media apps and meet with the online friends that they have made online. They meet them in real life that could be very dangerous for the teens; on the other hands, they also do bad activities in their whereabouts along with the friends such as substance abuse and sexual encounters. So, parents can use the technology tools and remotely activate the MIC of the cell phone and get to know the surrounds sounds and conversation remotely by hacking the microphone of the device by using bug their phone of the android spy app. It means parents can use the MIC bug of the cell phone tracking app to listen to the surrounds and conversation in real time.

For employees monitoring

On the other hands, employers that have provided the cell phones to their employees for making calls to the clients for product services and listen to the queries. Employers can remotely hack the MIC of the phone and then listen to the surrounds sounds and conversations on the phone and the environment in the office. They can further listen to the gossips employees usually made around the phone.

To build a strong relationship

However, the suspicious spouses that have some reservations regarding the loyalty of the partner. They can also use MIC bugging spyware and get to know the hidden activities of the partner by listening to the surround voices and chat conversations if happens on the phone. Simply MIC bug of the cell phone surveillance software is the best tool for parenting to keep an eye on kids and teens hidden activities. Employers can listen to the stuff of the employees that they do in the absence of the bosses. Spouses can get to know all the suspicious and hidden activities of the partner’s remotely.

HowTheOneSpyMic bug software works?

Simply subscribe to TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software and visit the email and get all the credentials. Now user needs to have a physical access to the target phone of your teens, employees, and spouses. Once you have the physical access to the phone, start the installation process and when you have done it, activate it on your target phone. Moreover, a user will see the icon of the MIC bug spyware and you will have an option either you want to hide the icon or want leave as it is.

Now user just needs to visit the features of the cell phone tracking software. You have to choose the MIC BUG and then send the command to the target smartphone. The time the phone has received the command it will start recording the surround sounds and conversation within no time. A user will be able to listen remotely by getting access to the online control panel. A user can record the surrounds sounds and conversations from 1 min to 45 minutes.


Parents, employers, and spouses can remotely activate the MIC of the cell phone of the teens, employees, and partners respectively to listen to the surrounds sounds and conversations.

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