The Importance of H1 Tags in a Successful SEO Strategy

If you want to focus on getting your SEO techniques right to improve the ranking of your website, then we like you to focus on the H1 tags. Many SEO experts do not give too much focus on this important SEO element. However, if used carefully, then it has the potential of improving the rank of your website dramatically.

If you want to become the best SEO company in Delhi you have to focus on all the important SEO strategies to improve the ranking of your company. While posting good content on a website is one of the ways to improve the popularity of the website, the SEO techniques help a great deal in improving the visibility of your website on the Internet.

The H1 tag that we are discussing here is not new and is there for some time. However, the way you use it to make the maximum impact has undergone a few changes. But before we broach the subject of strategies about the H1 tag we have to know what is an H1 tag and why is it so important. The H1 tag is called the heading tag and is the most prominent header tag that a person who opens web pages sees first. This tag improves the user experience of the visitor which is always a good thing because it not only improves the reputation of the website but is also looked upon very positively by search engine algorithms in deciding the ranking of a website. One thing about the header tag is that it is not a single feature but a group of headers classified as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. These tags are actually HTML tags that specify the title and the subtitles of the page to the viewer.

If you want to wear the crown of the best SEO company in Delhi, then you should know how the use your knowledge about the working of the search engine algorithm to your advantage. And the importance of the H1 tag is that it directs the search engine what content it should look for on the website. It also categories what is the most important heading and subheadings in the webpage by naming them as H1 to H2, H3 and so on according to their importance. There are a few rules that you have to follow when you use the H1 tag and one of the most important is that there should be only one per page. The second thing of importance in making H1 tag is to use the keyword relevant to that webpage on the tag and also use it in the title and in the article as well for maximum impact.

If your company already has a website of your own but do not know whether it uses H1 tag, then you can find it out by following the simple process.

  • Open your web page
  • Press CTRL plus U keys on your keyboard. It will show the coding page
  • Press CTRL plus F to bring out the search box and type H1 in it. If it highlights some code, then you have an H1 tag on your page

Heading tags have several uses like they can be used to separate various topics on a page to make it more coherent for the viewer and improve the user experience of the viewer. While using the H1 tag you should make sure to follow the following points. The H1 should be the most prominent, it should be used only once in a web page, it should be within 70 characters, place it right at the top of the webpage and use long-tailed focused keyword in it.  An H1 tag is a very import feature in your web pages that have the potential to improve the ranking of your website considerably if used in a strategic way.

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