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It is estimated that your school kids who are in school will work in jobs which are non-existent today. And parents are having a hard time adjusting to the developments in technology. Agreed, the proverb is centuries old – change is permanent. But, the recent spate in technology can also wipe out jobs of the old. It has always happened the same way again and again. There was a time, when cotton mills were the order of the day in old Britain during the Industrial Revolution, but now automatic spinning machines are the order of the day.

Coming to the topic, it is estimated that low level jobs will be eliminated and replaced by software automation or robots. But be patient. It is not that every job in the book will become obsolete. There are several high paying jobs which will continue in the future, although there may be modifications in the task description. Enough said and read. With your permission, shall we look at the future jobs that are non-existent in the present day?

  1. Civilian Drone Operators

Drones are known in the developing countries as small aircrafts which help filming a shot for movie crews. But there are multiple options in the world of drones. In the future, drones may be used for various purposes, such as forensics, filming and delivery services. So, jobs may be created for effective functioning of this pilotless aircraft. Who knows? For getting a job in this sector in the future, you may need a license and may have to take part in extensive training sessions. Even delivery giants such as Amazon have already taken to the idea of designing drones for small, near-distance deliveries.

  1. Digital Currency Advisor

Bitcoins are a passe, but the idea has caught up with financial transactions. People all over the globe do not trust their Government currency. To adapt to the needs of the future, you may have to have a portfolio and a digital currency advisor. He/she will have degrees in cryptocurrencies, financial management and computer security, and who knows – a new degree (name that is not even existent today).

   3. Digital Locksmith

You can lock a car the digital way, so why not a bank or a home? Very soon, similar programs will come to the fore. But is everything fool proof? May be. So, there always will be room for a locksmith who can help people out of locked homes or cars. He/she will also design separate programs or (shall we call “digital locks”) for various purposes. In the future, do not be surprised if you see companies specializing in digital locks.

  1. Food Engineer

With human health becoming a major business sector, it is no wonder that some future jobs will be connected to medicine. With stress levels becoming more, and digestive problems on the rise, it is no wonder, that graduates with a computer engineering and medicine background will be required. These professionals will inform you on the ways of cultivating pro-biotic bacteria and other healthy micro organisms in the stomach with 3D technology and medicine.

  1. Media Remixer

Did you miss Virtual Reality? Then this one is for you. In recent weddings, you have the DJs and VJs. In the future, you will have the media remixer who can mix the present, past and future with virtual reality. The job may need a person specialized in graphic design, creativity and audio/video engineering.

  1. Organ Harvester

Humankind has waited a long time for this job. Imagine, the day, when human heart was replaced with a pig’s? There are several medical labs in the world, who are working on growing various human organs. So the surgery will be conducted by auto-robots. But a live human being will plant and then devise the specific techniques to harvest a artificial organ to save the life of a human being. But to gain a job, the professional may need biology, chemistry backgrounds.

  1. Web Manager

In recent times, you have the press release agent for celebrities and corporations. But very soon, with the increase in the number of social media platforms and online presence across the globe, the job with the same titles may become popular. This job description is to prevent clients becoming a victim of internet abuse, social media etc. The job may need various skills such as hacking, publicist and guidance counselor along with top security skills.

  1. Robot Operator

Robots have already been employed in some industries all over the globe. In case of a failure or malfunction, a technician in the form of robot operator will be needed to fix the issue. And they will need special training to cater to the requirements.

  1. Home Automation Contractor

Internet of Things has already made a mark. Automation has been accepted in many industries. So can handyman jobs be far behind? In the future, you may find robots who may work on a specific technology such as plumbing or installing a TV. And the major part, you need a qualified home automation engineer to direct these robots.


There was a time when technology changed in centuries. Came the Industrial Revolution, it changed in a decade. But the discovery of electricity by Thomas Alva Edison and computers changed the very landscape. In the next decade, Mother Earth will be a totally different place. With thousands of technological innovations and discoveries, it is well-known new jobs will appear in the future.

But the question is, how do we prepare the future generation for these kinds of jobs? Shall we take a case study? Let us imagine, you stay in Pune along with your wife and two children, your parents. You work in a company specializing in offering handyman professionals for doorstep quality services for plumbing, electricians, CCTV

installation and fridge repair in Pune. So, how will you adapt to the future scenario? By keeping a hawk’s eye on the developments of technology and trends in the business sector. If you are interested in health, you can do a course and then migrate to the organ transplant industry. Or if you are proficient in technology, you can do a course in home automation and migrate to the house improvement sector. Hope you understand. There is always hope for those who stay grounded and keep an eye for the future. Good Luck!

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