Snatch These Starting Gears to Start Your Own Youtube Channel

When it comes to setting up a Youtube channel, whether for your business or merely just for fun, one of the many things that you need to consider is the video equipment. With the help of these gears, rest assured that you’ll produce high-quality Youtube contents just like any professional productions can.

Before you can even sit down and start creating your first video, you will need to have the key equipment, from the camera down to the lighting hardware. But, even though this list may seem baffling, you can, without a doubt, gather these pieces of equipment on a budget.

For a little help, listed below are some gears and equipment that any video blogger most likely need on a daily basis, no matter what type of Youtube channel you want to kickoff or content you would want to share. So,  check them out!

Vlogging Camera

Of course, you cannot create videos without a camera. If you want to be a video blogger just like PewDiePie, then a camera is a must. But, what type of camera should you use? Well, it highly depends on your budget and the kind of videos you want to film, you can freely use anything from the webcam on your laptop to your smartphone.

It doesn’t have to be fancy and grand. You can start with any camera that can and will provide you high-quality videos. For some simpler options, check out the following cameras below.

Hand-held Camera

One of the best options for vlogging is a hand-held camera like a GoPro. It’s lightweight, very portable, and of course very simple to use, most especially when you are on the go. Since they are very easy to carry around, hand-held cameras will make your vlogging endeavors a lot easier.

Compared to the bulky digital single-lens reflex  (DSLR) camera, a hand-held camera can do all the wonders when you have to film and stroll around all day. Hand-held cameras fit any occasion that can help you reach your goal.

Most importantly, you don’t need to spend tons of money just to buy a cutting-edge hand-held camera. Though there are high-end models, the starting price is considerably low compared to other types of camera. So, regardless of your price range, you can certainly look for what you need.


Smartphones are probably a necessity these days. So, if you own a smartphone, you will be able to film impartially high-quality videos with just a simple click of a button. Smartphones are much easier to carry around than bulky, huge cameras, which means you can take videos on the go.

However, the most significant disadvantage of using a smartphone is the shortage of available audio input. You will, in any case, have to record the audio separately on a different device and then integrate the audio and video later on, or you will need to invest in an in-camera microphone.

DSLR Camera

A DSLR or a digital single-lens reflex camera consists of a vast array of devices, but in most cases, it produces high-quality videos. If possible, you can opt for high-end brands such as Nikon or Canon, to ensure high standard video quality.

Also, don’t forget to choose for DSLR cameras with a video recording as an option. Besides, using DSLR cameras calls for a high-level skill and perseverance to efficiently function. So if you are not yet knowledgeable enough in DSLR camera operation, think about using a more simpler option.


Camcorders are an impeccable balance between a DSLR’s first-rate shooting capabilities and a smartphone’s portability. You can shop for a camcorder that films in high-definition (at least 720p or even higher) for almost a hundred bucks. However, remember that you might need to purchase an additional memory card to support it.


Voice quality is yet another vital aspect of an excellent Youtube video. As such, you will need to invest in a reliable microphone. Know that poor audio can and will depreciate the overall allure of your video.

So make sure that your audio’s quality can match or outpace your video quality. If you are using your smartphone’s built-in microphone, it’ll be hard for you to carry out this task. You can opt for Blue Microphones or Audio-Technica, which are both well-known companies with a wide array of microphones from affordable to studio-grade gears.

By investing in a dedicated microphone, you’ll be able to lessen background noise and echoing in your video. You can also consider buying a pop filter to be put over your microphone to be able to minimize the audio feedback amidst the video editing process.


If you want to be a successful video blogger, you need to get some great lighting. Lighting can vary from a desk lamp to a professional video lighting kit. To get best results, you will have to use lighting in a constant location, for example, a certain room in your home.

When establishing your lighting for a room shot, you should’ve at least three separate light sources. One lighting behind the camera, another for to your left or right (at least 45 degrees), and one camera on the opposite side of the second lighting source. You can also opt to utilize natural light such as the window to brighten up your face at the rear of the camera.


Whether you want to share contents about your business or your travel, keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. Because if you share high-quality videos, rest assured that your audience will always be on the lookout for more.

But to be able to achieve such goals, you need to have the basic gears or pieces of equipment with you. From the camera to microphone, to lighting, you’ll certainly have no problems in producing great videos. If you still have none of these things, you can visit any online stores such as Deal Wiki.

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