Chip Upgrade Helps Miniature Drones Navigate

Moe experts, who plan to make a minor computer chip a year ago, which is customized to help find Bombed Bee Automotive, now chip in both the size and power usage. The settings are too high.

The group, which was attended by Vivien Siege, has been a teacher of filter and starsticks related to training in the promotion of Bureau of Electrical Bureau and Computer Science (EECS) and Surf-Carmen, 1948. The related conversation, initially made a completely tweaked chip. Apart from focusing on reducing power usage and size, increasing the speed of handling extra.

The new navigation chip, “Navion,” is named in which they are showing symposium on VLSI Innovation and circuits this week, just 20 square mm – about this LEGO minifter is about the effectiveness of the effect Only 24 million of the intensity needs to be controlled, or almost a thousand control light.

This small scale utilizes this small scale of intensity, processing chip-mounted camera images can process 171 edges for each second, and it increases the extra estimate, in which both of them know it. Where is this place? Experts say chip can be added as at least one finger in “ninodonease”, able to locate vehicles, remote or outside at particular places where artificial artificial information around the world Not Available rushessay. .

Chip in the same way runs on any small robot or gadget, which requires a lot of time to spend limited time on limited supply of electricity.

“I can use this chip to apply at least the license as autumn, such as wing vehicles measure your fingers, or air-like vehicles, such as an extension of the water, one The battery needs to go on long enough. “Karman says, a person is a label from the labels and information, framework and society for data and Choice Framework. “Or on the other hand, you think of comfortable gazes like small bulletes, it’s almost no battery, it does not have to diminish in your body. We can help them build chips. .

Sze and Karaman’s co-creation EECS graduates are sensible, Amazing Solomon, who are in the Middle East; EECS graduate understudy Zhengdong Zhang; and Luca Carloon, who was a research researcher through Venture, and at the moment of M.E. Bureau of Flying and Starstractics Is a teacher.

An applicable chip

In the last few years, different research groups have designed less automatives to fit your hand in palm. Researchers imagine that such modest vehicles can fly around your environment images and photograph images like mosquito-shaped picture pieces or survey cars before they return to your palm, where they easily go away. Will stay

In any case, a palm-shaped automotive can provide only battery control, a large part of which is used to fly their engines, for other basic tasks, such as example, path, and special As a state estimation, or to detect the ability of a robot to be in space.

Carmen says “Traditionally applies autonomy, we take the current off-rack computers and rely on them [due to state estimation], because we emphasize the use of maximum power. . ” “However, in every work that we expect to reduce low-control applications, we have to consider various programming problems so far.”

In his previous work, Suzanne and Kerman began to solve such problems by strengthening the calculations and instruments alone in chip. Their basic plan was awarded a cluster on the field program program, or FPGA, which can be administered for an application setting in a business equipments phase. The chip state can predict which uses 2 watt intensity, is held with large, standard automotive, which is usually expected to play similar to 10 to 30 watt similar tasks. All things have been considered, the use of chip capability was more important than the overall amount of intensity, which could be routinely available from the usual autoometric, whose analysts have estimated about 100 million.

In order to eliminate the chips, in the use of both sizes and power, the group chose to form a chip starting from the starting stage, as opposed to re-setting an existing plan. Sayyes said, “He significantly gave us more satisfaction at the point of silence.”

Running on the planet

To reduce the use of chip capability, together, a plan developed to limit the measurement of measurement – such as camera photos and unusual estimates – which are inserted on the chip at any time. Such information relates on such information, as this information runs on the chip.

“We’ll stick to anything from these pictures, we’ve really packed, it needs less memory.”

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