How Does the Unlocking procedure Work for Apple Phones ?

Unlocked phones are becoming very popular among people. This is because it gives so much freedom to the owner of the phone. So, the question would be how to unlock a phone? In this post, I am going to tell you about the unlocking procedure for iPhone. iPhone, in general, can be unlocked by three ways namely software, hardware, and IMEI unlocking.

To unlock iPhone 6 also, you will need the same procedure. But, the reality is that we can’t use all the three methods to unlock the phone. This is because the software unlocking might get you into a scan; the hardware unlocking is good but dangerous. So, the best option would be IMEI unlocking.

IMEI unlocking is the simplest way to unlock your phone. You don’t have to go for dodgy software which may mess up with the internal settings of your phone. IMEI unlocking is the safest way of unlocking the phone. Every phone has its own International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) which is stored on Apple’s database. The database consists of other details such as the year the phone was produced, the memory size, the model number and other information about your device.

By using the IMEI database, you can change your device’s status from unlocked to locked. There is no need to do any physical work. Unlocking your phone is just one click away. First, you need to find out your device’s IMEI code. You should be aware of the model of the device. Follow the instructions in the given by IMEI unlock provider. Click the unlock button and then pay by credit card. And then you are free to use any other carrier.

If you buy iPhone through AT&T, then that also has a locked network. But, to unlock AT&T iPhone 6, the procedure is different. In this case, you won’t be able to use any other sim card. Even while travelling, you can’t use any other sim card. But AT&T has a procedure by which you can unlock the phone. There are some rules and regulations put up by AT&T before sending the code to unlock the phone. The phone must be locked by AT&T, the phone should not be lost or stolen, it shouldn’t have any illegal or fraudulent activity related to it. The phone is active only in AT&T customer account. Sometimes, the AT&T doesn’t send the unlock code. You have to carry out some more steps to finally get an unlocked phone.

Hence, by following these procedures, you can easily unlock your apple phones. This will enable you to enjoy the freedom of using any carrier. You will be able to choose your own network. While travelling outside you don’t have to pay roaming charges anymore. You can easily by a cheaper sim card and swap it with the existing one. The work becomes easier and simpler. Although it is costlier than locked phones yet it’s worth the money. What are you waiting for? Unlock phone, unlock freedom.

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