Why it is a Good Idea to Post Your YouTube Videos on Social Media Platforms like Facebook

Social media is dominating the digital market of the world today. A company before launching their product relies a lot on social media marketing. They even put snippets and trailers of their product and brand to review the customer feedback and assess the on-going market trend. Technology is continuously evolving and new forms of revolutionary market strategies are being introduced. Irrespective of huge development in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and block chains, nothing could match up to the power of video content marketing yet.

If you are an active member of social media, you surely know how powerful videos are to grab the attention of the audiences. Therefore, it is ideal to post your videos of a specific length and aspect ratio on social media platforms to grab eyeballs. YouTube is the best video marketing platform to entertain audiences through a performance video, DIY videos, behind the scenes, interviews with celebrities, makeup tutorials and etcetera. After the release of mobile app features on YouTube, the engagement of the audience on YouTube has remarkably improved. It has become important to create large YouTube thumbnail for Facebook.

But, it is extremely important to note that 60% of the YouTube videos are watched on the mobile screens when it pops up on any social media platform. People scrolling YouTube generally might not come across your content because of millions of channels on YouTube and their millions of content. So, how can you gain attention and fame by putting content on YouTube without gaining views? The answer is to upload these YouTube videos on any social media platform, especially Facebook.

Over the last two years, the growth of branded video content on YouTube has increased by 99% and on Facebook by 258%. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg even agreed that videos are a megatrend nowadays. With 2.07 billion active users per month, Facebook rules all the entire community of social media. More than one-third of the world population is hooked onto Facebook and uses it on a daily basis. Statistically, it can be seen that 100 million hours of video on Facebook are watched daily by the audience.

If you upload any of your videos on YouTube and share the link of Facebook, people will definitely start watching you more. You can also use a YouTube to Facebook converter. Make sure you are active on YouTube and upload content that is varied. It will help you in keeping your audience engaged. People who are not so aware of YouTube is likely to have an account on Facebook. Therefore, it will help you interact with various types of people from different parts of the world. If somebody likes your video content on Facebook, be assured he will definitely share it on his profile. Through repetitive shares, you will reach a large number of audiences without your realisation.

Once you get fame, the audiences will visit your YouTube channel to learn more about you. So, the next time you upload content, it can be viral on both platforms- YouTube and Facebook. You will not be restricted to one social media platform specifically and you can also get feedback on how you performed through all the comments present on both the social media platforms! 

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