SMS Services: What Should You Avail for Your Business?

 Sms and numbers; these are the two things that are playing a great role in bringing a change in businesses. You can find different types of facilities that can turn out to be a game changer for your business.

Have you ever come across long code sms or virtual numbers or similar concepts? These things are making a great change in the business world. There are departments in organizations that are completely focused on making the most of these tools for their organization. They look for Long code sms providers  and try to avail the most effective option for their business. Talking specifically about long code, it is divided into following two categories:

  • Shared Long Code Service Provider
  • Dedicated Long Code Service Provider

What are the features of long code service?

There are different types of features that may differ from provider to provider. However, some of the common features are like:

  • Real Time Editing
  • Control panel to view responses.
  • Normal SMS charges apply.
  • Convenient to use and add to mobile phone address books.
  • Customized welcome messaging
  • Real Time Reporting
  • URL forwarding.

A great benefit of   long code is that it allows 2-way communication. It means it permits the audience to give reply to the message got in a way. Similarly the pricing of Long Code SMS is somewhat cheaper for end customer. Moreover, it is equally to keep in mind that long codes are much cheaper and swift to implement as compared to Short codes.

A few of the applications of dedicated, shared, long code, VMN, VIRTUAL MOBILE NUMBER in the nation are like:

  • SMS-to-email applications, Chat services
  • Single-player and even multi-player games could be played by interacting with a hug Code.
  • Multiple Account Management
  • 2-way communication with service engineers, suppliers and sales forces
  • Promotions, Polls and Surveys
  • Voting
  • Reception of SMS for firms wishing to interact with consumers.

 Is there any difference between short and long code sms?

What is the difference between short-code and long-code sms?

There is some apparent difference between small code and long code options and these are:

  • Popular keywords are always available for long code
  • Long codes providers are less in price and quicker to implement
  • it even permits 2-way communication which permit the audience to reply to the message got in way
  • it is equally good that Long Code SMS Facility Pricing is cheaper for all the end customer

 Talking about short code, it is a five digit number that is given by telecommunication operators wherein the users can send SMS. The main idea for short codes is that these can be easily remembered and hence, get better replies than usual numbers, and it is easy to interact with an organisation.


So, when are you going to avail virtual phone number sms or similar tools for your organization? These long and short code services have become a good way of making the most of everything in the present era.

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