13 Image SEO Tips For Better Search Results And Conversions

When you work with SEO companies in Virginia, you can be sure that search results will be hitting an all-time high. However, one of the interesting parts of SEO is that it’s not just words that search optimization can help. Images can assist in making sure your page gets the hits you want.

Here are 13 tops to boost page views, all of them proven to work.

Page-relevant Images Are Important

Though it can be tempting get some clickbait images to draw readers and visitors in, it is better to have images that are relevant to your topic. This is actually more important since a more relevant image can ensure that visitors will share the site more.

Go For Quality

Don’t be cheap when it comes to image quality. Try to pick an image that looks good but also loads easily. A good image is not blurry and manages to look well to the visitor without slowing down their loading times.

Use Multiple Images

A single image might be a great introduction but humans are visual people. Using multiple images is better since it engages your visitors better.

Captions Help

Images without context can be confusing. Throw in some captions to ensure that your visitors know what your image is trying to show them. Search engines will also be able to key in on the text so that it can boost your ranking.

Alt-Text Is Also A Big Boost

Captions are not the only way to boost SEO for images. Search engines look at the code of the page and having alt-text with your images can also help with your rankings since it is another layer of text.

File Names Are Also Important

This is also why properly-named file names can e be a big boost. Don’t settle for random letters or something unrelated. Use a proper name that will describe the image.

Choose An Accessible File Format

Another thing to think about is what file format to use. Currently, there are three good file formats for your image. GIF, JPG, and PNG are all optimized for web-browsing. Search engines rank up sites that use images like these as their display images.

Don’t Use Third-party Hosting

Search engines rank down sites that have dead links. This means that you want to be assured that your images will always be online – which is why you should host them yourself.

Social Media Sharing Works

Images shared on social media are a great way to drive traffic to your site. Ensure that when your site is shared, your images are right up there.

Image Sitemaps Are Your Friend

Search engines are blind when it comes to images. They need directions to it – which is where image sitemaps come in. They tell the engine where the images are.

Remove Unneeded Metadata

Some pictures have unnecessary metadata on them like EXIF data. Remove them because they can slow down an image loading.

Don’t Use Images As Decoration

Useless images just clutter up a page. Avoid decorative images if you want your site to rank high.

Responsive Images Are Also Key

With various browsing platforms, you want images that can work on a phone and a desktop. Responsiveness increases your site’s ranking greatly.

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