Storage Unit – Find Out What They Are All About

If you are looking for a great way to generate money you should take a look at storage unit auctions. Storage Auctions are receiving a great deal of coverage in the regional and national media right now, almost certainly a result of the two new Shows on TV covering this subject on Spike (Auction Hunters) and A&E (Storage Wars). Creating wealth with this type of auction does involve a small amount of start-up money, however you stand a high probability of recovering those funds again and more.

Storage unit auctions are usually advertised in your local newspaper. However you can contact local storage companies and request the dates of the auctions. Billed as being the ‘Modern Day Treasure Hunts,’ storage unit auctions are held on a regular basis at storage auction facilities through the entire country and so are truly a very worthwhile pursuit? Just about 10,000 storage auctions take place annually. There will almost certainly be some in your area.

Self storage Minneapolis are leased to those who need extra room to keep their things. There are numerous circumstances in which individuals stop paying their storage space fees. Storage Rental Companies will attempt to recover their lost rental fees by having a public storage auction. Many reasons exist why a person would abandon their valuables inside a storage space, but for reasons unknown, what this means is an incredible saving available for you on all kinds of stuff. Legally, all those valuables in storage have to be auctioned when abandonment takes place.

One of many attractive things about storage auction business is that it’s great for people who work full time. Most of these auctions are held on week-ends and in the evening hours. The storage unit owners are aware that lots more people should be able to attend during these periods.

Prior to setting out ways that one could walk away from a this business generating a profit, it is very important to emphasize the risk. As opposed to estate auctions, you do not take a look at or check out the items before the start of the auction. On most occasions, you will be putting in a bid blindly. If you would like make money from storage unit auctions, you’ll need to “bid and win” items that you could re-sell. Some places you can resell your items could be in flea markets, garage sales, or online on eBay and Craigslist,

Should you be considering to get involved in any storage auctions in the near future, then you have to be well prepared and be aware of rules and regulations of these kinds of auctions, in addition to some tricks and tips on how to get started.


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