Ways In Which Gamification Can Help Business

The business world had a complete makeover in the past decade. It has transitioned successfully from cubical to co-working spaces, humongous computers to rapid technological developments and job-hopping. While everything is uncertain, there is one certain thing- Change!! It is how we respond and adapt to it, makes all the difference. One such development is gamification. Many companies are implementing gaming mechanics like badges, levels, and Leaderboards to encourage employees and boost productivity. This also helps organizations to drive success.

What is gamification?

In simple terms, gamification is a process of taking a website, enterprise application or something that already exists and integrates game mechanics into it. This helps to increase engagement, motivate participation, and loyalty. It is all about amplifying the effect of an existing, core experience by applying motivational techniques to make it more interesting.

With the help of gamification, you can add game design elements into non-game applications, making them more fun and engaging. With the help of competition, points, achievement, and self-expression, it leads to encouragement through positive feedback.

Despite gamification being the most trending buzzword today, there are many companies that are either failing at it or not trying it at all. There are many reasons for gamification of business. We bring to you the key advantages that could boost your business.

  • Entertainment and Stimulation for Customers-

Gamification is fun! And that is why it attracts customers, while many may not even realize what is going in the effect. Since the current generation of Millennials love entertainment, gamification of business is the best way to attract the young crowd to your business. Gamification helps your company to be recognized as one which is created and does business in a way that customers enjoy it, this is sufficient to gather clientele.

  • Gamification can be used as an Educational Tool-

If you want to introduce a new product to your customers; gamification can be fun and creative too. For instance, if you wish you give a free trial to your customers, you can do so by letting them test your product in the form of a game designed to teach them how to use it. Many software companies give a free software trial to the users and also assigns them a task. Once they complete the task they can earn points and badges too.

  • Increases Engagement-

Gamification allows you to engage better with the customers in order to influence their behavior. It enables better exchange of conversations between your business and the customers. At the same time it also allows you to engage your employees by offering them badges, levels, and other rewards. Companies have used gamification and reported a rise in the social profile by encouraging the staff to get involved. This also increased its social media sharing, which boosted the blog traffic by 80%.

  • Helps to build Customer Loyalty-

Gamification in business is a great tool to attract the customers and retain them. Rewards or badges offered by companies and websites keep the customers dropping in from time to time. Thus, gamification can help businesses to build a loyal customer base for itself.

  • Payback to the Community-

It is not sufficient to benefit your company alone. When it comes to the concept of payback, community comes first. Many companies have proven this by using gamification for greater good. For instance, a software company used Facebook to encourage people to track and share their energy consumption, in order to compete to be the most efficient. Another company provided gift cards and discounts to restaurants and stores for customers who recycled paper and used less energy in their homes.

  • Encourages Creativity-

Gamification helps in encouraging creativity among the employees by way of playful activities. When employees take part in such programs, it improves their commitment, participation, and creativity.

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The benefits of gamification are many. It not only benefits the organization, but also the employees, customers, and the community at large. It is essential to be able to apply it in the appropriate areas and reap the benefits. Many companies have already started implementing and others are yet to follow suit.

Gaming concepts have found a way in essential HR processes, recruitment, learning, and development. With the help of gamification businesses can see significant changes in various aspects like it aids in improving customer services, sales, and training.

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